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Although I am far of from being an expert, here are something I found useful working with BASH.

Vim-R-plugin: Installation

On Ubuntu 12.04, I took to the following steps to install Vim-R-plugin: First I had to install timux: sudo apt-get installl tmux Having already installed vim-pathogen, I used git to clone to install vim-r-plugin and vim-screen plugin, which is also … Continue reading

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Kill all processes of a user

To list all processes of myuser:

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Reclass ascii grid with awk

I had to reclass a large number of grids (20000+) on a server without any GIS installed. So my choice was awk. The script requires as a parameter a a threshold. Every value below this threshold is classified as 0 … Continue reading

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Administrative areas of South America

I needed all first level administrative areas for  South America. That was my way of getting them:

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Installing rJava on Ubuntu

I had some troubles installing rJava on Ubuntu. The easiest solution I found was installing from the command line using: Then it worked without any problems.

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Export coordinates of a single polygon in GRASS

Today needed to export the coordinates of a polygon into a *.csv file in GRASS. My solution was: This works fine for me, knowing that I have only one single polygon. v.out.ascii returns a header, the coordinates of the vertices … Continue reading

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